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The new Vinytol 828 N fire retardant leatherette

Vinytol 828 N is haberdashery leatherette with an ISO 3795 certificate for reduced flammability. The basis weight is 0.830 kg/m2 and thickness 1.20 mm. It is thus stronger leatherette designed mainly for fire retardant bags. As the development of Vinytol 828 N was based on Vinytol 830, they have similar properties. The biggest difference between these leatherettes is that Vinytol 828 N is fire retardant.

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Good news for upholsters! Vinytol PU 200 N SANAPUR now also in turquoise!

Vinytol PU 200 N SANAPUR now in six new colour finishes, all in stock. Current colours (white, beige, light blue, dark blue and black) now with the addition of turquoise. This green/blue colour comes under the number 4320. Turquoise colour is often used in medical facilities.

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