The haberdashery portfolio is mainly for the producers of photo albums, diaries, books, menus, office folders, business card holders, wallets, manicure sets, handbags, suitcases, bags, belts or aprons for butchers. There is a selection of various colours, shiny or mat surfaces, and patterns (raised patterns) from smooth to rough with deeper grooves.
Haberdashery leatherette offers single sided (Vinytol) or double sided (Vinytol DUO) layer on a fabric backing as well as film without fabric (Vinyfol). The individual types of haberdashery leatherette differ mainly in their weight. Vinytol 251 (0.23 kg/m2) belongs to the ones with the lowest basis weight and Vinytol 1000 (1.00 kg/m2) to the ones with the highest basis weight. Haberdashery leatherette, which doesn't contain phthalates, is marked as HYG.
For haberdashery products we use mostly fabric layering, which is supplied by the customer. We are able to do transparent or coloured polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyurethane (PU) or polyacrylate (PAC) coating with various properties (HYG for children under the age of 3, reduced flammability, UV stability, oil resistance, conductivity ...). It is used for the production of sports bags and rucksacks, where the coated side is on the inside as a protection against water and moisture.
Individual types of haberdashery leatherette have different uses.
The Vinytol 260 leatherette can be used for the production of single use shoe covers in the chemical industry.
Vinytol 275 HYG is the edging for the haberdashery leatherette Vinytol 586 HYG. They have the same colour and pattern, therefore they complement each other well. The edging is lower in weight. They are used for magnetic therapy equipment together with upholstery leatherette with a rough pattern called Vinytol 713 HYG, which is used for the production of their transport bags.
Vinytol 300 is used for accordion bellows.
Vinytol 388 HYG meets the requirements of the Article 3 of the Europian Parliment and Council (EC) Regulation No. 1935/2004. It is used for the production of aprons for butchers and thermal bags for gastronomy to retain warmth during the distribution of meal boxes. It can also be used for children's aprons for art projects.
The Vinyfol 601 film is used in office haberdashery, for the production of notebooks, photo albums and business card holders.
The Vinyfol 619 film is suitable for pad manicure sets or photo albums and diaries.
In the haberdashery as well as the automotive portfolio you can find the Vinytol 692 leatherette, which is, other than for haberdashery products, also suitable for upholstering the seats and interiors of classic cars. It is mostly used in the Velorex vehicles.
Vinytol 780, Vinytol 830 and Vinytol 1000 leatherettes, with higher weight, are used for bags.

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