Transport vehicles

This portfolio offers a very wide range of materials. Within the materials for the automotive and transport industry we have a selection of leatherette for cars, trucks, buses and classic cars, as well as for railway carriages. Most of these leatherettes are designed mainly for the upholstery of interiors. For example a gear stick gaiter, a blind for the boot windows, the upholstery of ceilings and seats on buses. You will certainly remember the traditional green and red Vinytol 801 N in the Czech Railway carriages.
This range also includes materials for various additional applications. For example, for the production of car tarpaulins.
The materials for the automotive industry are produced according to valid system standards of the VW and FIAT groups, including additional international production standards for vehicle interiors (e.g. reduced flammability, anti fogging, odour).
If you can’t choose from our wide range of colours and surface finishes, we are happy to prepare a colour combination and surface finish according to your requirements.

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