We offer a wide collection of leatherette for upholsters. The individual types differ in weight, fabric or special properties. For each type of leatherette we then produce interesting colour finishes including print options (two-colour finishes) and various patterns - i.e. structures and raised patterns.
The weight of upholstery leatherette varies from 0.2 kg/m2 up to 0.875 kg/m2. Vinytol PU 200 N SANAPUR has the lowest weight and Vinytol 882 and Vinytol 883 N the highest.
Our portfolio offers upholstery leatherette in a wide variety of colour finishes. We have single coloured leatherette, but also printed with two colours, which gives it an original appearance. The black, white and shades of brown colours are complemented with dark and also bright colours.
Upholstery leatherette has different structures or raised patterns. You can choose from patterns that are smooth, imitating leather or rough (e.g. pattern no. 581).
When choosing a suitable type of upholstery leatherette, you should consider what purpose it will be used for. Vinytol 580 and Vinytol 680 N, with UV stability, best suit exteriors. For children below the age of 3 is suitable leatherette free of phthalates, marked as HYG. For theatres and cinemas fire retardant leatherette is the most suitable. Generally low flammability is marked with the letter N and within the product documentation we state exactly the degree of reduced flammability and according to what standard it is tested.
Upholstery leatherette for the seats of rail transport vehicles (trains, trams) is included in the transport vehicles portfolio. Leatherette for sports mats is in a separate portfolio.

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