The individual portfolios are divided according to the purpose of use. The film portfolio differs from others by containing only Vinyfols regardless of the purpose of their use. Here you can find Vinyfols from portfolios such as special materials, haberdashery, transport and mining industry. The aim of this portfolio is to filter Vinyfols into a separate category.
Vinyfol 392 has the smallest basis weight from the film portfolio (0.4 kg/m2). It is suitable for non-slip mouse pads. This product can also be found with a different basis weight and thickness under Vinyfol 457 and Vinyfol 697.
Vinyfol 601 is used in office haberdashery for the production of notebooks, photo albums and business card holders. Vinyfol 619 is then ideal for the padding of manicure sets, photo albums or diaries. Among the haberdashery films can also be found Vinyfol 630 and Vinyfol 813.
Vinyfol 774 N belongs to films for transport vehicles, for the upholstery of headrests on seats in railway carriages and Vinyfol 1235 NAF  is for small technical parts, such as the trims around the dashboards in buses.
Vinyfol 1180 is used as grip tape, e.g. to wrap bicycle handlebars, tennis rackets, floorball hockey sticks or hockey sticks for ice hockey.
Vinyfol 1220 is used in the production of magnetic boards, mainly thanks to the high amount of iron, which causes magnets to stick to it.
Vinyfol 1600 HYG has the highest basis weight (1.6 kg/m2). It is phthalates free and gets used for the seats of children’s plastic sledges.

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