Special materials

Vinytols and Vinyfols used for special purposes can be found within this portfolio. Some leatherette has special properties, such as HYG (free of phthalates, suitable for children below the age of three), N (reduced flammability, which is specified in the product documentation of each product), V (conductivity), AF (anti fogging - anti fog finish).
Vinytol PU 150 HYG RUPIK has the lowest basis weight (min. 0.142 kg/m2). It is a phthalates free transparent layer on a coloured fabric (blue or pink option) and can be used for baby changing mats.
Vinytol 220 PYROPLAST protects cables and wiring, e.g. in planes.
Vinytol 310 HYG and Vinytol 312 N HYG are high-strength grids with a phthalates free layer, suitable for mats at nurseries as well as garden furniture. The non-flammable option can also be used on mats for civil defence shelters.
Vinytol 319 formerly known as Vinytol M31 is used for sweat pads on hats.
Vinytol 322 is suitable for mattress protectors.
Vinytol 326 NV is appropriate for welding masks.
Vinytolu 331 is used for the production of protective covers for new cars to avoid damage during transport.
The PVC tablecloth material Vinytol 333 is on a non-woven fabric and is ideal when dining at home or in holiday homes.
Vinytol 374 serves as a protective material for helmets.
Vinytol DUO 400 is used for the inner protective layer on flower pots.
The Vinytol 510 N 9352/S101 leatherette is non-flammable and luminescent, which means that it glows in the dark after being left in the daylight or artificial light. Thanks to this, the leatherette can be used for decorative items and for other special purposes.

The Vinytol DUO 555 leatherette is used for protective aprons.
Vinytol 617 N has reduced flammability and is used for the protective covers of mobile machinery parts.
Vinytol 884 serves for the protection of garden equipment.
Vinytol 1300 N is upholstery leatherette designed for the upholstery of heavy work machinery interiors - diggers, bulldozers and others.
The Vinytol 1351 is used for special horse shoes.
Vinyfol 392, Vinyfol 457 and Vinyfol 697 are used for non-slip mouse pads.
Vinyfol 601 is ideal for office haberdashery, for the production of notebooks, photo albums, business card holders and others.
Vinyfol 774 N belongs to special non-flammable films for transport vehicles, for the upholstery of headrests on seats in railway carriages and Vinyfol 1235 NAF is for small technical parts.
Vinyfol 1180 is suitable as grip tape to wrap bicycle handlebars, tennis rackets, floorball hockey sticks as well as hockey sticks for ice hockey.
Vinyfol 1220 contains high amount of iron and is used for the production of magnetic boards.
Vinyfol 1600 HYG is ideal for the production of seats for children’s plastic sledges. It is phthalates free and belongs in the special products section with the highest basis weight (1.6 kg/m2).

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