We offer leatherette for the production and renovation of sports mats and tatami mats for judo. We have leatherette for the top side of sports mats as well as anti-slip leatherette for the bottom side. The basis weight of these leatherettes is between 0.635 kg/m2 (Vinytol 635) to 0.77 kg/m2 (Vinytol 776 and Vinytol DUO 822).
The standard colours for the production of leatherette for the top side of sports mats are white and black and various shades of yellow, green, blue and red. Pattern 444, imitating mats made from rice straw, is the most common. Vinytol 660 PES 356 and Vinytol 732 have a strong polyester backing. Vinytol 725 has a tensile fabric backing.
For the bottom side of sports mats, leatherette with anti-slip properties is suitable, in grey and black colour. Vinytol 776 has a strong polyester backing and Vinytol 635 has a tensile fabric backing.
The portfolio of leatherette for the production of sports mats also includes the double sided layered Vinytol DUO 822 leatherette.
Some manufacturers and renovators of sports mats also use the upholstery Vinytol 712 leatherette. This leatherette is not as tough and tearing of grips can occur. For this reason, for sports mats we recommend leatherette from the sports mats portfolio.

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