Leatherette in the advertising portfolio is designed for inflatable advertising materials and banners for exteriors as well as interiors (arenas, exhibition centres ...). They are suitable for the production of inflatable arches, tents, stands, billboards and more. They can also be used to promote sales in shops (POP and POS materials).
Most of the advertising leatherette can be used for digital printing. N stands for leatherette with reduced flammability (the exact flammability reduction is stated in each product's documentation). Vinytol 287 N is advertising leatherette with the lowest basis weight (0.26 kg/m2). The one with the highest basis weight is Vinytol DUO 491 (0.49 kg/m2).
The most commonly used advertising leatherette is Vinytol 399 N and Vinytol 320 N, as they have non-flammability class B according to DIN 4102-1.
Vinytol 287 is on a tensile fabric backing and is suitable for smaller inflatable advertising material requiring greater malleability.
Vinytol 440 HYG is used for children's slides, swimming pools and ball pits at children's play areas and nurseries. It does not contain phthalates, therefore it can be even used in products for children below the age of 3. Thanks to its UV stability, the colours are resistant to sun rays and can be used in exteriors. It is produced in 7 vibrant colours as standard - white, yellow, green, orange, red, light and dark blue.
The double sided Vinytol DUO 491 leatherette is used for tapes on the seams of the Vinytol 399 N leatherette. It is also used on the blinds of historic trains and trams with no requirements for reduced flammability.

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